Feature Film Documentary to be released Spring 2019

Client: HARDI | Director/DP: Bryce Suriano | Editors: Bryce Suriano & Jessie Suriano | Producers: Chris DeBoer & Jessie Suriano | Music Licensing: Music Bed | Production Company: Muddy Trails


The Wall Street Journal has stated that we are in a golden age for documentaries and we feel that Trade Industry should take advantage of this trend to help in workforce recruitment efforts.

With compelling and engaging stories, we will be able to connect with a younger audience and fully relate with them on the employment opportunity struggle. Currently, Millennials are experiencing hardship in searching for employment. Most Millennials are applying for work with a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree, yet they are still finding it to be nearly impossible to find work in their desired field.

Our goal with this documentary is to show the opportunities that the HVACR Wholesale Industry can provide to anyone willing to consider it, no matter their degree or profession.

Told through the perspective of young employees, this documentary follows a hand-selected group of characters to capture how the Trade Industry has helped impact their personal and professional lives. From Minnesota to Texas, this film captures the untold stories of Millennials in the HVAC workplace and their inspiring stories of how they got there.

Meet our Characters

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Kevin Wypiszynski


Claire Choinsky

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Jacob Knight


Rachel Bush

Behind the scenes

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